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Scarpati Horsemanship: Argentina

In this episode, Kelley Bell talks with Cristobal Scarpati, a horse whisperer who learned his craft from the Ranquel Indians of Argentina and with his father developed the method of Doma India Scarpati horse training. © Copyright DelMar Media 2022

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From Scarpati's Website

The Scarpatis are a close-knit argentine family.  Oscar is our “senior statesman.” In his late 60s, he has spent his entire life studying animal behavior, especially that of the horse.  He is especially adept working with wild horses, and even plays/dances with them in a manner that is very horse-like.  In other words, these animals recognize him almost as if he were one of their own. He understands how horses learn, and how much they are capable of learning from humans.  If we use our/human language to train horses – that being primarily repetition and sometimes a lot of repletion, the horse will eventually learn, but if we talk in their language, the horse will learn within minutes.

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