Afternoons with Gage Telesz

Afternoons with Gage Telesz

Nothing gives me more anxiety than riding shotgun through a mountain pass. Think I have carpool tunnel syndrome!

Join Gage weekday Afternoons from 2-7PM. We will play Ohio's Best Classic Hits for you. Also, tell funny stories, and let you know about community and station events! 

Little Bit about me

Back in 2009 I started my own podcast due to the fact that I do talk a lot so most of my friends where recommending that Id start my own Radio Show witch I did. At first I wanted to study the weather because  when I was little I loved watching thunderstorms and the weather channel. But then as I keep growing on my podcast I have grown more and more in love with radio and then I started my very own radio station back in 2014. Also took a 8 month class program over radio, Graduated from the Ohio Media School. Now I have my own evening show on WDLR where we play Ohios Best classic Hits and tell funny stories also have fun on the way home in the evenings. So I invite you to join me Weekdays 2-6PM and Saturdays from Noon-4PM.

Favorite NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers of course! 

Favorite thing to do in Ohio: Go to Cedar point and ride some roller coasters!

Also when not doing radio I do like to go ATV riding on the trails!

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