Afternoons with Gage Telesz

from 2p-7p. We will play Ohio’s Best Classic Hits, tell funny stories and station events for you!

Nothing gives me more anxiety than riding shotgun through a mountain pass. Think I have carpool tunnel syndrome!

Back in 2009, I started my own podcast due to the fact that I do talk a lot so most of my friends were recommending that I’d start my own radio show which I did. At first, I wanted to study the weather because, when I was little, I loved watching thunderstorms but I was more in love with radio. Then I started my very own radio station back in 2014 and also took an 8 month class program over radio before graduating from the Ohio Media School. Now I have my own Afternoon show on WDLR where we play Ohio’s best classic hits! 

I am a big Bird lover! Live views from around my yard of my Bird Feeders! Using multiple cameras from many angles! Screen Scenes will change every now and then and I try to point Cameras at the most interesting things as they happen! During the Day you will see Finches, Cardinals, Blue Jays and more! At night you will see Raccoons! they LOVE to feed on the ground at night. You will pretty much see them nightly!

The World According to Gage

LIVE Aquaticam

24/7 views from inside my fish tank with 3 cameras from all angles!

NFL Team
Amusement Park

Ride some roller coasters.

Favorite Pasttime

ATV riding on the trails.

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