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Welcome to Horsing Around
air date 8-7-2021

brought to you by…OHHA


GUEST : Roger Huston, OHHA, Shares his schedule in Ireland over the next week. How he will be calling some races..and seeing horses from around the world, harness race. Then he takes a look back at the month of July and gives us the highlights from Harness Racing around the state. 



GUEST : Keith Gisser, Little Brown Jug Radio Network joined Michelle And Kelley for a look at the Audios, and gives a little history about how t began and where it stands in harness racing history. Plus, we look forward to September when Harness Racing comes to the Delaware County fairgrounds. we talk about some horses we may see that are doing well at other county fairs right now and how great it will be to have fans in the stands this year.

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