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The podcast by horse lovers for horse lovers. We talk to the breeders, trainers, owners and others involved in the life of a horse. We'll bring you stories from the barn when they are born and stories from the many career paths one might take; show girl/boy(Dressage), track star(Racing), therapist(Healing/Therapy animal)and/or loving companion. 

Kelley Bell is Horsing Around with Michelle Gatchell bringing stories from horse lovers to horse lovers.  Plus, we catch up with Roger Huston, Brand Ambassador for the OHHA, and get his word's of wisdom from the tack room. So join in on the fun and come Horsing Around with us every Saturday Morning from 9:00-9:30 AM. Listen Live on WDLR Radio 1270 AM and 96.7 FM in Delaware and Union Counties, Ohio.  Or get the Tune In App to listen live on your mobile phone.  Plus, we will be posting the shows for streaming right here on the bottom of the page.  Thank you for Horsing Around with us.

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