Midwest Momentum | Sunday 8:30-9a

Midwest Momentum brings you stories of CEO’s, Start-ups, Investors, Product Development and Founders doing whatever it takes to make their dreams happen. 

Dan Rockwell and Michelle Gatchell talk to people about their new ideas, innovations and investments, all happening in the Midwest. They even spot Unicorns from time to time, all proving the Midwest is a great place to catch the Momentum.


Midwest Momentum 8-13

Casey Retticks expresses the impact of AI Art and its influence with NFT,  the future, and affect on society. He shares how financial apps use

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Midwest Momentum 7-2

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Tracey Hines, Director of Cyber Security discuss how her life in Ohio influenced her path,  how she hopes to engage our youth

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Midwest Momentum 6-25

Midwest Momentum Sunday 8:30-9a June 26th TV/Movie Producer Bruce Wagner chats with Michelle and Dan about his 1993 TV series Wild Palms that depicts life

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