My Bird Cam Live Stream

I always love to watch Wild Life! So I put up my own camera to point at birds for the public to enjoy!  

This is a PTZ Camera so I can zoom move and look around!

LIVE Stream Link: Rough Riders Show – YouTube

I have a Bird feeding station located in my Front Yard in Powell Ohio with multiple feeders!

I have three PTZ Cameras that I can point and move around! I use OBS Streaming software so I change Scenes from time to time! And If something interesting is happening I will try and full screen that particular Camera but if not I leave them in Multiple viewing Mode. I also have a Portable Camera that I will set up from time to time and Show it on stream, I mostly use the Portable cam to look at My BackYard Feeding station which I currently don’t have a Outdoor Camera on yet. But These are the cameras: I use a Amcrest 802.3at and two Foscam Fl9928P.

AT Night I Point one or more of the Cams to the Ground feeder and during the spring and summer nights I’ll get Raccoons, Mice, Southern Flying Squirrels and Possums. During the Winter I will get Deer. and LOTS of them!

Here is some Pictures!



At Night I pan the Camera to the Ground Feeder, Nighttime you will see Mostly Raccoons. There are other Animals that come around the night.






Day Time you will see Birds! Mostly at Dawn: Cardinals. Finshes are during the Mid day. Blue Jays come time to time however most birds are flying South for the Winter so this is slow season.






More Cameras are being set up for more up close views coming soon! Also there are times where Greta (Our Dog) is outside and may scare off Birds. Heres the link to the channel then click on the Live Stream!     Rough Riders Show – YouTube

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