Local Lix

What is Local Lix
Local Lix is a weekly show that will feature interviews with bands, solo artists, local song writers and entertainers that diligently and professionally work within the booming Central Ohio music scene.  

Pat McLoughlin

Co-Host & Producer  


Doug Tracy

Co-Host, Engineer, Local Music Historian


These artists have great stories to share, amazing successes they can tell, and what tactics they used to obtain the status that they have accomplished.

Many will perform live during their interviews that will give the listener a one of a kind listening opportunity.

Features of the show

What makes Local Lix unique is that as a fellow musician and entertainer, host Pat McLoughlin is able to ask questions on the level of the interviewee.

As he speaks their language, he’s am able to get really exciting stories, experiences  and/or learning lessons that have enabled them to become a success within this incredibly talented pool of local artists.

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